Ford leaves Google behind the wheel


Ford hands over its vehicle operating system to Google. This means that Google’s voice-activated assistant, Google Maps and other automotive-approved Android apps will be available in Ford cars even if the driver does not have an Android smartphone with them. At the same time, the system should be compatible with Apple’s CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa.

The planned deep integration of Android should enable vehicle occupants to use the Google Assistant to change the setting of the air conditioning, for example. Over-air updates are designed to add new features or even fix maintenance issues. Drivers should then be able to concentrate better on the traffic and keep their hands on the steering wheel and give voice commands.

The automaker leaves open exactly which “million” cars Ford will equip with the Android operating system. Dearborn, Michigan, USA based company leave it in the general phrase “Ford and Lincoln vehicles will be equipped with it.”

At least the Chinese market remains closed to the manufacturer for the innovation, because Google is banned there. In order to further develop products such as Google Maps, Ford and Google found the new cooperation group “Team Upshift”. Apps are developed there, for example. The team could also develop “new retail experiences when buying a vehicle” and “creating new property offerings based on data,” the press release said.

The cloud services component of the partnership is intended to impact numerous processes, from manufacturing processes to services and end-customer products to basic vehicle technology. The daily newspaper Detroit News quotes Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud: “With Google Cloud, Ford will transform itself digitally, from the front office to the car to the factory floor. There are a number of different applications, including modernizing product development, improving manufacturing and supply chain -Management, the use of computer vision AI for employee training, inspection of assembly line equipment and other applications. ”


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