Formula 1 Monaco GP Winner Name Verstappen


After two weeks of waiting in Formula 1, the season continued with the Monaco GP. The winner of the race was Verstappen from the Red Bull team.

First in Monaco GP Leclercwithdrew from the race held in his hometown before the race. Seconds before the end of the qualifying rounds yesterday, the young Ferrari driver hit the barriers. The first pocket was empty because the vehicle was not suitable for the race.

Hamilton made a pit stop on lap 30, which lasted 2.2 seconds. Hamilton pitten Giovinazzi’nin managed to get out in front of him. The next round, Valtteri Bottas entered the pit but could not make it. Norrris ve Gasly took a few more laps and went out of the pit in front of Hamilton. Vettel He left Hamilton behind, waiting for the pit stop.

Endless pit stop


Mercedes pilot At the pit stop of Valtteri Bottas The right front tire of the vehicle did not come out. For this reason, the Finnish driver was out of the race. After the pilot who took the race in second place could not get out of the pit, Ferrari’den Sainz moved up to second place.

Red Bull driver who started the race in the 9th place Sergio Perezkeeping the first episode longer, outpacing its rivals with a pit strategy. He climbed up to 4th place after two of the pilots in front of him were out of the race. Bottas’ absence and Hamilton’s lagging behind Red Bull’a can provide great advantage for teams championships.


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After the pit stops, the race continued quite regularly for a long time. Lewis HamiltonFor a while, he was quite frustrated as he lost the turn due to the difference between his own strategy and team strategy. In the 68th lap, the pilot with the title of World Champion 7 times, put on his soft tires to make the fastest lap.

A first for Verstappen



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Red Bull pilotu VerstappenWon 25 points by taking the top in the race held in the streets of Monte Carlo. Hamilton’s 7th place and the fastest lap, the first time in the young Dutch pilot’s career At the world championship He could not prevent him from taking the lead.

The winner of the 2021 Monaco GP Verstappen’e Accompanying names on the podium are from Ferrari Sainz and from the McLaren team, which has prepared a special vehicle skin for this race Norris happened. After Monaco, which generally takes the form of a strategy struggle, Formula 1 will go to Azerbaijan. What you want to ask #WebteknoPodcast If you write in the comments with the tag, we will answer it in our next F1 1 podcast.