Formula 1 Turkey Race Has Ended: Here’s the Winner

Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix, which everyone is looking forward to this year, started with the lights out. Valtteri Bottas was the winner of the 58-lap race at Intercity Istanbul Park.

We reunited Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix, which we reunited after many years, by proving our despair this year. to the 2021 race calendar had been added. Since then, all Formula 1 fans in Turkey have been eagerly waiting for this race after the exciting race in 2020. The race day at Intercity Istanbul Park has finally arrived.

The Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix started at 15.00 with the five red lights going out. At the start of the race, we did not see as much chaos as we saw last year. As a result of only Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly’s contact, Alonso spun into the first corner. After this accident, both pilots were investigated. to both 5 second penalty given.

First 10 rounds:

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Starting the Turkish Grand Prix from the first row, Valtteri Bottas managed to maintain his leadership throughout the first 10 laps and beyond. Race on wet track Hamilton starting from 11th place, after winning 2 places in the first round, remained 9th behind Tsunoda until the 8th round. Hamilton managed to beat Tsunoda on lap 8. Then, on the 9th lap, he overtook Stroll and rose to 7th place. On lap 11, he beat Norris Moved up to 6th place.

Verstappen, from the duo of Hamilton and Verstappen, who struggled fiercely in the championship war, started in the second place during the first 10 laps of the race. managed to maintain its position. After the first 10 laps, Leclerc was in third place, followed by Perez.

What happened in the next laps of the race:

  • There was little contact between Sainz and Vettel on the 13th lap.
  • Hamilton beat Gasly on lap 15 to move up to 5th place.
  • Starting the race from 19th place, Sainz passed Tsunoda on the 18th lap and rose to 9th place.
  • Hamilton set the fastest lap time of the race with 1:33,019 on lap 20.
  • The first pitstop was made by McLaren’s Riccardio on Lap 22.
  • Tsunoda spun down one place to 13th on lap 22.
  • The second pitstop was made by Alonso on lap 32.
  • A spectacular battle took place on lap 35 between Hamilton and Perez. Perez was able to defend his position against Hamilton.
  • Carlos Sainz had a pitstop on lap 37, but lost a lot of time in the pits.
  • Although Vettel took a gamble by switching from Intermediate to Soft tyres, he lost his gamble as soon as he stepped out of the pits. He then pitted again.
  • Leclerc told his team on lap 41 that he wanted to finish the race on the same tires with which he started.
  • Hamilton was called into the pits on lap 42 by his team. He replaced his tires with a new set of Intermediates.
  • Valtteri Bottas regained the lead he lost to Leclerc on lap 47 when he pitted.
  • Leclerc, who wanted to continue the race with the same tire, pitted at the end of the 47th lap.
  • Hamilton pitted on lap 51 and fitted a new set of Intermediate tyres.
  • Perez beat Leclerc on lap 52 to move up to 3rd place.

Last 5 rounds:

The race entered the final 5 laps in the order of Bottas, Verstappen, Perez, Leclerc and Hamilton. The race continued in this order.

Valtteri Bottas was the winner of the race!

Valtteri Bottas managed to crown the race he started in the first place with a victory. Max Verstappen was second and Sergio Perez was third. Verstappen in the title fight managed to take the lead.