Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 Results Published


The results of the “Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 Research”, which lists Turkey’s largest 500 companies, were shared. The net sales income of the 500 companies on the list reached 49.5 percent of the net sales income of the US retail chain giant Walmart.

It has been held since 2008 and lists the 500 largest companies in Turkey. 2020 results of Fortune 500 Turkey Survey shared. In the research, in which all companies operating in all sectors except financial institutions and holdings were examined, the net sales of the companies included in the Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 list were determined as 1 trillion 939 billion TL. This figure is compared to the previous year. an increase of 6.3 percent. pointing out.

When this figure, which is the sum of the net sales of all companies in the list, is evaluated in dollars, decreased by 14 percent to $ 276.6 billion. This figure corresponds to 49.5 percent of Walmart’s $559.2 billion net sales revenue, a US retail giant. The 6.3 percent increase observed compared to the previous year, when evaluated together with the 31.8% increase in 2018 and the 14.9% increase in 2019, indicates that the increase has slowed down. These rates are also The year with the lowest growth performance in the last 10 years reveals that.

The top five are giants from different industries:

Fortune 500 Turkey

Ranking first in the top five of the list, surpassing TÜPRAŞ, which has been number one in the Fortune 500 Turkey for many years. EPISAS it happened. In the list followed by EPİAŞ and TÜPRAŞ, Bim took the third place. Bim, compared to the previous year increased net sales revenue by 38 percent.

fourth on the list Ford Automotive while it is in the fifth place with the effect of the pandemic, its net sales income is compared to the previous year. Turkish Airlines, which fell 38.2% took place. It was announced that the net sales revenues of the top ten companies in the list constitute 26.7 percent of the total sales.

Decline in employment:


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The total number of employment of all companies in the Fortune 500 list for 2020 1 million 278 thousand people declared as. This number indicates a decrease in employment compared to 1 million 351 thousand people employed in 2019. When the retrospective numbers are analyzed, it is said that employment has decreased for the first time since 2015. Looking at the shares of companies in employment, Bim ranks first with 60,663 employees.

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