“Forza Horizon 5”: Open-world racing in Mexico


Forza Horizon 5 will be available on November 9th for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Microsoft has announced the new offshoot of its popular racing game series as part of its E3 presentation. That was especially surprising because “Forza Horizon” and “Forza Motorsport” usually alternate. Actually, “Forza Motorsports 8” would have been next, but this title will probably not come until 2022.

The “Forza Horizon” games are primarily about accessible open world fun without too much claim to reality. Part 4 sent players to Great Britain, part 5 goes to Mexico. According to the developer Playground Games, the open game world will be the largest in the history of the racing series, which has already visited Australia, for example.

In a gameplay presentation, Playground Games showed some of the landscapes that can be traveled in “Forza Horizon 5”. These include impressive-looking mountains including volcanoes and densely overgrown jungles. Deserts, cities and beaches are also on the list of sights.

(Image: Microsoft)

Fans of racing games can look forward to varied and graphically impressive views, especially since the developers promise extreme weather such as sandstorms. As in “Forza Horizon 4”, the seasons change every week so that the Mexican game world is regularly presented in a new light. In the gameplay trailer, one of the impressive features is the enormous foresight, which gives an outlook on the size of the open game world. Raytracing supports “Forza Horizon 5” but only in “Forzavista” mode, in which you can admire cars in peace. Ray tracing is not active during the actual race.

The single-player story should again score with various activities and distractions, plus mini-games – in one, for example, you have to destroy piƱatas. There is currently no information about which cars will be part of the racing game, in “Forza Horizon 4” there are over 500 vehicles.

While “Forza Horizon 5” is already on the market in November, “Forza Motorsports 8” will probably appear later. At its E3 presentation, Microsoft did not show any new material from the racing game that puts more emphasis on simulation than the “Horizon” series. “Forza Motorsport 8” is being developed by Turn 10 Studios, there is no release date yet.


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