Founder of Dogecoin Bought Dogecoin After 8 Years


Billy Markus, who released Dogecoin “as a joke” with a friend in 2013, announced that he bought Dogecoin for the first time in 8 years, with a post on his Twitter account.

Cryptocurrency market has been going through some tough times lately. Although there have been fluctuations for a while, cryptocurrencies, which have drawn a general decline chart, have been giving bad news to their investors recently. Especially the last day, for the first time in months, it fell below the level of 30 thousand dollars. Bitcoin, after the good days brought by the record levels it broke one after the other for a long time disappointed its investors.

If it is one of the most talked about names in the crypto money market, which has been active since the beginning of 2021. Dogecoin‘he said. The crypto money, which emerged as a ‘joke’, had drawn a chart that had been on the rise for a long time, especially with the contributions of Elon Musk. Recently, Dogecoin has also It shares the same fate as other cryptocurrencies. and is in decline. In the midst of these developments came an intriguing message from the creator of the cryptocurrency.

‘I bought Dogecoin for the first time in 8 years’

Billy Markus

Dogecoin was developed 8 years ago in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a joke for the crypto money market and has been continuing its journey in this line for years. Although Jackson Palmer, one of these two friends, who are both software engineers, has taken his hand off these works, Billy Markus continues to be closely interested in Dogecoin. However, the interesting point is that Markus For the first time in 8 years The fact that he said he bought Dogecoin.

Sharing this information with a post he made on his Twitter account, Markus said that 8 years ago, he started crypto money. ‘repent’. After 8 years, he decided to become a Dogecoin investor again.


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Markus, tweetinde ”I bought Dogecoin an hour ago, 8 years after I swore I’d never buy crypto again. Since then I have checked its price 7 times. I was at 10 percent profit, now I’m down to 3 percent. Anyway, that looks healthy.’ made statements.

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