Four-Eared Cat ‘Midas’ Becomes Social Media Phenomenon

Midas, the cat born with four ears due to a genetic mutation, became the new phenomenon of the internet. Many international websites also shared Midas, whose tongue always poses outside.

From time to time, we can come across animals and humans born with various genetic mutations. One of the most recent examples of this has appeared in Turkey. Just 4 months old Midas The cat named is not 2 because of the genetic mutation he has, with 4 ears lives on. This genetic mutation, which made Midas special, brought more than 35 thousand followers to the Instagram account opened for him in a month.

Midas was one of 7 siblings born to a stray cat mother. Born in the garden of a house, the Russian Blue breed Midas does not experience any problems in his hearing ability caused by a genetic mutation. To determine if there are other genetic mutations in Midas’ body checks continue.

Here is Midas with four ears:

Four-eared cat Midas managed to make his name known all over the world thanks to his Instagram account. While messages of love from different countries came under Midas’ photos, many large and small websites also helped Midas become famous. Midas is currently at home named Suzy and Zeyno. with two labrador dogs living together.


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