Frames: Bose introduces new headphone sunglasses

With the models Tempo, tenor and soprano Bose has introduced three new headphone sunglasses in its Frames range. Like the first two models, Alto and Rondo, speakers are built into the brackets, allowing wearers to listen to music and make phone calls without having to use headphones.

Job market

  1. EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG Holding, Cologne
  2. Comline AG, Dortmund

The frames tenor and soprano are classic sunglasses for everyday use; both are rather angular. The tenor has a classic, square design, the soprano is slightly pulled up. Bose refers to this as “Cat’s Eye Design”. As with the previous models, the technology is located in the arms, which are significantly wider than conventional glasses. They also appear wider in the photos than on the Frames Alto that we tested at the time.

The Tenor and Soprano models each have two 16 mm broadband speakers and directional microphones. According to Bose, the sound quality is characterized by improved bass reproduction – we criticized the thin low frequencies in the test of the previous model, as well as the low volume.

Longer battery life than previous models

The battery life of the Tenor and Soprano should each be 5.5 hours, which would almost double the life of the Alto. The glasses can be exchanged for prescription glasses at the optician’s. According to Bose, the glasses are up “just” 50 grams heavier than its predecessor – which, however, corresponds to a doubling of the weight.

The Tempo model is aimed at athletes and has 22 mm loudspeakers, which should benefit the sound quality and volume. The glasses are made of TR90, a lightweight plastic. It should fit easily under a helmet and can therefore also be worn while cycling. Due to the open construction, ambient noise can be heard better than when wearing conventional headphones. Various interchangeable lenses are available separately for the Tempo.

The Bose Frames Soprano (Image: Bose)

The volume can be controlled on all models via the right bracket. In addition to an improved directional microsystem, the new frames should also have new digital signal processing, which should ensure better voice quality at the other end of the line. In audio playback, the frequencies should be matched to the different volume levels, which should improve the sound quality.

Thanks to the current VAT reduction, the new frames models currently cost 272.90 euros (regular 280 euros). They can be ordered immediately. From September 24, 2020, they should be delivered and available in stores.

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