France: Deutsche Telekom checks merger with Orange


In a simulation game, Deutsche Telekom is examining a merger with the French network operator Orange. That learned that Handelsblatt four managers familiar with the transactions. For eight years, both companies have joined a shopping community.

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If the Telekom force the plans, they should meet with great resistance. The Federal Government still holds almost a third of the shares in Telekom. The French state owns over 27% of Orange. "Reservations could be made from both states", suspects a telecom strategist. A spokesman for Telekom did not want to comment on possible merger plans with Orange. However, he said that the cooperation with Orange – for example with the purchasing community – is going very well.

Telekom boss Timotheus Höttges and Orange boss Stéphane Richard met in July of this year in the Hotel Schloss Elmau in the Bavarian Alps. at Linkedin Höttges posted a joint photo with the caption: "Together, a strong Europe is not just an issue for politics, but also for business." Both are sitting on an orange-magenta bench.

Orange, formerly France Télécom, is the largest telecommunications operator in France and has a market capitalization of nearly 40 billion euros. France Telecom and Telekom merged their UK network in 2010 into a joint venture with the EE brand. In December 2014, Orange held talks with the BT Group on the acquisition of EE for approximately £ 12.5 billion. In February 2015, Telekom sold its mobile joint venture with Orange to BT (British Telecom) and became its largest single shareholder.

Orange is found in Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Moldova, Reunion), the Arab region (Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia) and Africa (Botswana, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic, Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone) and as a mobile operator in the island state of Madagascar.

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