Frankfurt: Vodafone starts 5G in a new frequency range

Vodafone is currently activating 150 5G antennas at around 50 locations in Frankfurt. That reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung relying on the company. In the future there will be 100 antenna locations to illuminate the city across the board.

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According to the report, the area at 1.8 GHz is being used for the first time by the mobile operator for 5G. The Federal Network Agency already established a frequency range in April and May 2010 auctioned. Vodafone has been using LTE Volume 3 in cities so far. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung did not disclose the data rates achieved.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is used in Frankfurt to enable the simultaneous operation of LTE and 5G in the radio cell. Compared to static refarming, DSS allows the introduction of 5G on previously operated frequencies with less impact on LTE data rates and cell capacities than the partial reservation of frequencies for 5G NR in a given band. However, DSS has overheads and reduces both the capacity and the peak data rate compared to the exclusive LTE or 5G-NR operation in the same band.

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