Fraud charges: Antivirus entrepreneur McAfee faces long prison sentence


The software developer and antivirus pioneer John McAfee is to be brought to court in the USA for fraud with cryptocurrencies and conspiracy to launder money. The Justice Department published the indictment on Friday that if convicted, McAfee could face years of imprisonment and heavy fines.

The 75-year-old was arrested in Spain in October at the instigation of US law enforcement officers who had already brought charges against him for tax evasion and unfair advertising of cryptocurrencies. A statement from McAfee was initially not available. According to the US authorities, he is still in custody in Spain.

US investigators accuse the entrepreneur and his adviser and bodyguard, who are also accused, of having swindled millions of dollars through swindles with cryptocurrencies. The two are in total charged with seven counts, which, according to the Ministry of Justice, have a maximum prison sentence of five to 20 years.

McAfee founded the anti-virus software company named after him, McAfee, in the 1980s, from which he retired in the 1990s. In 2012, McAfee made headlines for an adventurous jungle escape when he was searched for following the murder of his neighbor in Belize.


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