Free Now warns against watering down the planned taxi market reform


The travel agent Free Now has warned against dilution of the planned reform of the taxi market. "It would be a fatal sign of German policy to keep the reform small and thus prevent innovation," said Germany boss Alexander Mönch the German Press Agency. "We want a bold and genuine reform that takes into account the rapid digitization of mobility."

Free Now is for a uniform framework between taxi, car rental and pooling services. "Any attempt to create or maintain differences in licenses, tariffs, or privileges will only lead to unequal competitive conditions, tensions between drivers and contractors, and unclear tariff structures for passengers," said Monk.

The planned reform essentially addresses the question of whether rental car companies with drivers have to return to the company headquarters after each trip and, unlike taxis, are not allowed to wait for customers on the road. The taxi and car rental association had warned urgently to abolish this obligation to return. "Without return duty, the taxi industry is dead," had said Association leader Michael Müller dpa.

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had presented in February cornerstones for a reform of the passenger transport law. It stated that the obligation to return car hire companies with drivers should be abolished. In a present thesis paper of the Ministry, three options are mentioned – the first one states that the return obligation for commission-free rental cars is retained. Alternatively, it is said that the municipalities could allow exceptions.

A Uber spokesman had said on the obligation to return: "Forcing cars to always have to travel back empty-handed to the depot through the city is absurd in times of debate on more climate protection." In addition, the mediation is not only in inner cities, but also very much in outlying districts and suburbs in demand.


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