Free WiFi only at 12 percent of train stations in Germany

Travelers can only use free WiFi at around 12 percent of train stations in Germany. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Transport to a request from the Green MP and Chairman of the Transport Committee, Cem Özdemir. Accordingly, free WiFi is available at 653 of around 5,400 Deutsche Bahn stops. The editorial network Germany (RND / Saturday) reported first.

According to the information, there are large regional differences. While almost all stations in Hamburg (98 percent) are equipped with WiFi, this is only the case for around 10 percent in Berlin. In the five eastern federal states only 30 of 1,461 train stations have internet access (2 percent). The situation is similarly bad in Saarland (1.3 percent) and Rhineland-Palatinate (1.44 percent).

The regional states of Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein do significantly better: In both states, more than three quarters of the train stations and stops have public WiFi. In Hesse, some ticket machines are equipped with WiFi.

Özdemir called for a rethink in Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). “If you want to seriously double the number of passengers on the railways, you have to put stations back at the top of the agenda of sustainable rail policy. After more than eleven years in the CSU Ministry of Transport, train stations across the board are structurally underfunded and you can see that in many,” he said RND.

The WLAN expansion must be part of a conversion of the train stations into “real mobility stations”. “When I wait for the train at a train station, I want to be able to surf, tweet or work in the WLAN there, regardless of whether in the capital or in Hintertupfingen.”

Deutsche Bahn announced last autumn that travelers could now connect to the new free WiFi network of DB at over 100 German train stations. However, this mainly includes larger train stations such as Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.


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