Freenet Flex in the Vodafone network: app-based smartphone tariff allows tariff changes

Another app-based smartphone tariff is starting with Freenet Flex and competes with offers such as Freenet Funk or Fraenk. Unlike the competition, Freenet Flex has three tariffs of different dimensions to choose from; You can switch between these on a monthly basis.

Job market

  1. ACS PharmaProtect GmbH, Berlin
  2. Schlenotronic Computervertriebs GmbH, Frankenthal (Palatinate)

The Freenet Flex tariff is implemented by Klarmobil. The Vodafone mobile network is used for this. Neither VoLTE nor WLAN calling can be used with Freenet Flex.

With all three tariffs from Freenet Flex A telephone and SMS flat rate are included in all German networks. There is a one-time connection fee of 10 euros for the setup. The small tariff with 5 GB of unrestricted data volume costs 10 euros per month. A maximum speed of 21.6 Mbit / s for download and 3.6 Mbit / s for upload is available here. If the data volume is used up before the end of the billing month, the speed is reduced to 64 kbit / s.

Unrestricted data volume cannot be rebooked

When booking the medium Freenet Flex tariff, there is a higher speed for mobile Internet use. Then up to 50 Mbit / s are available for download and up to 25 Mbit / s for upload. In the case of throttling, it remains at 64 kbit / s. The medium tariff includes 10 GB of unthrottled data volume at a monthly price of 15 euros. The most expensive Freenet Flex tariff costs 18 euros a month and contains an unthrottled data volume of 18 GB.

With Freenet Flex, there is no possibility of booking unthrottled data volume. It is possible to switch between the three tariffs via the Freenet Flex app, but a tariff change is only possible on a monthly basis and only on the 6th of each month. The day was set arbitrarily by the provider and is intended to make changing tariffs as easy as possible for customers.

Payment only possible via PayPal

Freenet Flex can only be paid for via a PayPal account and is administered via a suitable app. There is no eSIM support, so a SIM card must be sent. Two days are allowed for this if no delivery is offered on the same day. This option is available for the regions Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and the Ruhr area and is valid if the SIM card is available by 4:00 pm Is ordered on the corresponding day.

Freenet Flex allows number portability from other providers. Anyone who has already booked a Klarmobil or Freenet tariff cannot transfer this number to Freenet Flex. When porting, the previous provider may charge a fee for this; However, the cost of number porting must not exceed seven euros since April 2020. Anyone who decides on a new phone number can create a phone number of their choice without incurring additional costs.

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