Freenet is buying back shares and wants to pay significantly higher dividends

The telecom group Freenet wants to keep its shareholders in the current year with distributions more in the mood. For the past year, Freenet is planning a dividend of 1.65 euros per share, the company announced on Tuesday evening in Büdelsdorf with. In addition, Freenet wants to buy back shares for up to 135 million euros.

The distribution will be divided into a regular dividend of 1.50 euros and a special dividend of 15 cents, said Freenet. A year earlier, Freenet had only paid 4 cents in the midst of the Corona crisis. Freenet has meanwhile been able to refinance itself, the company said by way of explanation – this eliminates a risk that had been in the foreground last year. The share buyback is a way to compensate the shareholders for the failed dividend.


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