Fuel cell car: Bavaria wants to build 100 hydrogen filling stations


Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) has the Bavarian hydrogen strategy presented. The federal state wants to create jobs and support the transformation process of the vehicle and supplier industry, i.e. promote the exit from the use of fossil fuels.

Job market

  1. National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Berlin
  2. Vodafone GmbH, Unterfoehring

The aim is to promote hydrogen applications in traffic and industry as well as the expansion of the H2 infrastructure. Over the next few years, 100 H2 filling stations are to be built in Bavaria. This will be funded with 50 million euros. The public and company filling stations are to be used primarily for fuel cell buses and trucks as well as other commercial vehicles.

The state government also plans to promote electrolysis systems and fuel cell vehicles such as buses and commercial vehicles. Fuel cells should be more useful than batteries in large commercial vehicles. If commercial vehicles are to go far with batteries alone, they have hardly any usable payloads because the batteries quickly become very large and heavy. A hydrogen tank, on the other hand, is lighter than a battery that can store the same amount of energy. Another advantage: hydrogen tanks can be filled very quickly, batteries cannot.

Bavaria also wants to support companies that do research in the field of hydrogen technology.

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