Fulfillment specialist with a big announcement – eCommerce Magazin

The new branch in Dorsten will have a goods-to-man system (AutoStore) with 100,000 containers and 2 automatic packaging machines that are able to process millions of parcels per year for hundreds of different web shops. “We look forward to serving the German market with our own e-commerce warehouse in the future. The new location will set new standards in terms of productivity and automation, ”says Tobias Wurm, General Manager at Active Ants. To achieve this, Active Ants has further developed its own warehouse software, will introduce a new type of order picking with the AutoStore and use various robot technologies and artificial intelligence.

E-commerce warehouse
Tobias Wurm and Jeroen Dekker in front of the Active Ants headquarters in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. From September 1st, Active Ants will open a location in Dorsten in North Rhine-Westphalia. Image: Active Ants

New e-commerce warehouse in Belgium and Germany

Active Ants opened a location in Willebroek in Belgium back in July. “After doubling our warehouse space in the Netherlands last year, we will start internationalization in 2021. Belgium will be followed shortly after by the opening of our warehouse in Germany, ”says Jeroen Dekker, Managing Partner at Active Ants

Active Ants is a fast growing e-fulfillment company with offices in Nieuwegein and Roosendaal in the Netherlands. It specializes in cross-border e-commerce logistics. With innovative solutions in the area of ​​order picking, packaging and storage, Active Ants has gained a head start in the efficient processing of e-commerce orders. Active Ants is part of the bpost group and is managed by co-owners Jeroen Dekker and Jean Lahaye. Active Ants employs 450 people.

E-commerce warehouse
Tobias Wurm and Jeroen Dekker with a robot that is used for picking for e-commerce shipments. Image: Active Ants

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