Furnishing company: Ikea launches its own Smart Home business

The interior design group Ikea is already offering some products in the smart home sector with the Trådfri series, Sonos loudspeakers and the planned smart roller blinds. In the future, a completely separate business area in the company should take care of the further development of the smart furnishings, as Ikea announces,

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  2. afb Application Services AG, Munich

The company had already begun work on electronic and smart products in 2012. Apparently, the efforts made since then in this area are no longer sufficient. "At Ikea, we want to continue offering products for a better life at home to many people by researching products and solutions that go beyond conventional home care."said Björn Block, the head of the new division, as the reason for the increased commitment.

The new business will work closely with all other areas, including the "digital transformation" drive the entire product range. That will also change the existing business model of Ikea. What this means for the already existing smart products, however, is not clear. The company could, on the one hand, rely on completely own developments or, on the other hand, significantly expand cooperations such as those with Sonos.

With the establishment of the smart home business area, however, Ikea definitely wants to massively increase its investments in the innovative devices. This is the largest new business for Ikea since the introduction of the series especially for children, says the message. These statements show how serious the Group is with its efforts. The future of home furnishings is obviously smart for Ikea.