Futuristic Steering Wheel of Tesla Model S Plaid Out of Class


The first comments on the futuristic steering wheel design of the new vehicle Model S Plaid, which Tesla has introduced with very ambitious slogans in the past months, are not very heartwarming. According to the comments from some drivers using the vehicle, the cons of the new steering wheel design outweigh the pros.

Tesla introduced its new car, Model S Plaid, last June. Introduced as the ‘best car’ with the words of Elon Musk Model S PlaidFrom the screen to the sound system, from the powerful engine to the design, every detail was discussed at length. The first serious criticisms of the Model S Plaid, which received generally exciting and positive comments, started to come due to the futuristic steering wheel of the vehicle.

With the Model S Plaid, Tesla came up with a rectangular steering wheel that we are not used to until now. This is an interesting steering wheel. quite different in both size and shape. In addition, another important difference other than the shape of the steering wheel is the absence of a signal lever. Instead, there are touch buttons positioned on the steering wheel.

It failed in every way:

Tesla Model S Plaid

The only positive comment from drivers who were the first to experience the Tesla Model S Plaid is that the shape of the steering wheel does not obscure the view. path and instrument panel It offers the chance to control more easily. Unfortunately, apart from this, there are no positive comments about the new steering wheel.

The first criticism we encounter when we move on to bad reviews is a situation that directly affects driving safety. According to drivers who have experienced the vehicle with the new steering wheel, the steering wheel can get out of control, especially at high speeds.

Tesla Model S Plaid direction


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A comment from a female driver is that the steering wheel is difficult to hold for relatively small hands. Also, another driver after a 3-hour drive you have pain in your hands says. So there seems to be serious problems with the steering wheel ergonomically.

Another important issue is that the signal arm is no longer available. In order to be a practical solution, the touch signal buttons positioned on the steering wheel confusion and distraction it causes.

Drivers say that it is not possible to find the buttons without taking their eyes off the road, and it is difficult to determine which button will point in which direction according to the direction of the steering wheel.

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