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  • Galaxus will take over from November 27th to 30th 2020 the CO2 compensation for all orders in the online shop for the entire range.
  • According to a recent survey by Galaxus and the market research institute Appinio want 60 percent of Germans to shop online in a climate-neutral way.
  • Christmas is the festival of techies: The top 10 popular technology products at

The big gift hunt before Christmas in 2020 will preferably take place online and away from the crowds and crowds. That can even be good for the climate: every Galaxus customer can use the voucher code “GREENDEAL” to receive a free CO2 offset when checking out. The amount is calculated individually for each product and takes into account the entire value chain from the extraction of the raw materials to production and home delivery.

The underlying compensation model is the first in the German-speaking area. It offers customers the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to climate protection when checking out. Galaxus is responding to the demands of many German consumers climate-neutral shopping alternatives and sets an example for more sustainability when shopping on the Internet. You can find all the details about the campaign here.

CO2 compensation: making a contribution to the climate by shopping online

According to bevh, Germans are increasingly buying their gifts online. But only a few shops, both stationary and online, inform consumers about the CO2 footprint of products or offer voluntary CO2 compensation. “If every online shop in Germany were to offer the option of compensation and every consumer only compensated one percent of the purchase price, according to the bevh, with around 20 billion euros in industry sales in the third quarter of this year alone, 200 million euros would be invested in environmental protection projects such as the construction of Electric charging stations or the expansion with solar panels are flowing, ”says Frank Hasselmann, Managing Director of Galaxus Germany. “With today’s campaign we want to show that companies and consumers can easily make a major contribution to the climate and that it is lower than most people think.”

Frank Hasselmann is the managing director of Galaxus Germany. (Image: Galaxus)

This is how much the favorite technology with CO2 compensation costs

Christmas is the festival of techies, which is why Galaxus has calculated how high the CO2 emissions are during production for the 200 most popular products and calculated the compensation amount as a percentage. For example, the current iPhone 12 still produces 112.49 kg of CO2, although Apple fully compensates for its energy consumption. In this case, Galaxus will offset EUR 2.73 or 0.3 percent of the purchase price at its own expense.

CO2 compensation
The top 10 products at the online shop. (Graphic: Galaxus)

The majority of Germans want to shop in a climate-neutral way

Consumer behavior has changed: According to a representative survey by Galaxus with the market research institute Appinio, almost 60 percent of Germans would like to offset their online purchases. Even more than two thirds of consumers are willing to pay one to five percent of the purchase price extra for CO2 compensation. However, the majority do not feel that retailers and service providers are adequately informed about the sustainability of their products. Galaxus wants to be a pioneer here.

The Galaxus Germany GmbH based in Hamburg is the German subsidiary of the e-commerce provider Digitec Galaxus AG from Switzerland. The Migros retail group has a 70 percent stake in Digitec Galaxus AG. In Germany, Galaxus went live with the online shop in 2018. The range currently includes over 400,000 products for everything to do with entertainment and household electronics, computing, toys, gardens and home improvement – at consistently low prices. In addition, Galaxus operates an active community and a specialist magazine on technology products. (sg)

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