Galaxy Buds +: Samsung upgrades Bluetooth earplugs

Samsung is relaunching the Galaxy Buds. The successor model is called Galaxy Buds + and has received some fundamental improvements. The new Bluetooth earplugs, also known as True Wireless In-Ears, are designed to deliver an extended battery life and better voice quality for phone calls. In addition, iOS devices are now fully supported.

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The new Galaxy Buds + have the same design as the previous model. There were no noticeable changes to the charging case either. The Galaxy Buds + are said to have received new two-way drivers for music playback to improve the sound quality. Samsung doesn't mention an automatic ventilation system like Apple's Airpods Pro.

It can therefore be assumed that the new models will also have problems with step reverb. This means that the user perceives every single step while walking as a dull appearance in the ear – this is uncomfortable and reduces the enjoyment of music. With Airpods Pro, Apple is currently the only manufacturer that has come up with a solution to this problem.

Improved voice quality during calls

In addition, Samsung wants to have improved the voice quality during calls by integrating three microphones. The Galaxy Buds disappointed us on the phone, callers could hardly understand us.

In contrast to the previous model, the new Bluetooth earplugs have an extended battery life. Instead of just under seven, up to eleven hours should be possible without recharging. The Galaxy Buds have a 58 mAh battery, in the new model it is one with 82 mAh. In addition, the new plugs are to offer quick charging technology so that the batteries can be charged in three minutes for an hour of use. The previous model does not offer this.

Charging case offers only one recharge

The charging case of the Galaxy Buds + again has a USB-C port and supports wireless charging via the Qi standard. The battery capacity of the charging case was increased only slightly. This means that the earbud batteries can only be charged once. The Galaxy Buds + should last for a total of 22 hours with the charging case. The predecessor model only offers one-time reloading, while most of the competing devices enable multiple charging processes.

Galaxy Buds + with charging case (Image: Samsung)

Like the Galaxy Buds, the new models are operated via sensor fields. They could not convince us because there were too many commands on it, and therefore the gestures were incorrectly recognized. It is questionable whether this will improve with the new model. As a new function, there is a direct Spotify connection so that you can listen to your favorite playlist without having to use your smartphone.

Support for iOS is available

In contrast to the Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Buds + not only support Android, but also iOS. There is no iOS app for the old model and therefore no possibility to configure the plugs or to supply new firmware if required. Samsung has fixed this bug in the new model and will provide a suitable iOS app.

Samsung wants that Galaxy Buds + on March 13, 2020 in black, white and blue. The manufacturer specifies this date as the delivery date if the earplugs are now pre-ordered. The price for the Bluetooth earplugs will be raised: The previous model came on the market for 150 euros, the Galaxy Buds + will cost 170 euros. Anyone who pre-orders one of the new Galaxy S20 models will receive the Galaxy Buds + at no additional charge. This promotion is valid until March 8, 2020.

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