Galaxy S11 Color Options Revealed


Samsung's 2019 model flagship phones on the smoke of the new generation of rumors about the new generation phones began to emerge. One of the allegations is the Samsung Galaxy S11 color options. Allegedly one of the color options of the device will be Aura Glow.

The smart phone market continues its way with new models. After the flagship phones, rumors about the new phones begin to circulate. Samsung's new generation S series smartphones have also been affected.

In early July, patent images of the expandable display were revealed. Then the features of the phone were listed, which meant that the phone was already working on it. In addition, the Galaxy S11 camera system is thought to be improved, but the information emerging today is different from them.

There will be new color options on the Galaxy S11:

Samsung Galaxy S10, color options

~ Samsung Galaxy S10 + color options

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is likely to be available in the usual colors like black, white, pink or blue. They are also available in the Galaxy Note10, but the Galaxy S11 will probably include Auro Glow. The most basic option in the storage features of the device can be 128 GB and up to a maximum of 1 TB. The 1TB option may also apply to the Plus model only. All this is very likely because the Korean technology company made a 1 TB Universal Flash Storage announcement in early 2019.

The phone's versions are expected to be Samsung Galaxy S11e, Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 + (S11 Plus). Samsung also has three cameras on the back of the normal models; just like the Galaxy Note 10 +, the Plus has four cameras.


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The camera will be equipped with 64 MP and 108 MP lenses, advanced HDR, faster auto focus and Tetracell technology. Time-of-Flight (ToF), spatial scanning and portrait shots are also available for enhanced face recognition. Of course there may be other improvements to the cameras, but we will have to wait until then.