Gaming boom: Nvidia records record revenues and jump in profits


The high demand for gaming components such as graphics cards and technology for data centers helped the US chip company Nvidia to have a surprisingly strong second quarter. In the three months to the end of July, the company increased sales by 68 percent year-on-year to a record value of 6.5 billion dollars (2020: 5.6 billion euros).

the Profit even rose by 276 percent to $ 2.4 billion, as Nvidia announced on Wednesday after the US market closed. In the same period of the previous year, however, the takeover of the Israeli network specialist Mellanox had reduced profits. Compared to the previous quarter, Nvidia was able to increase its profit by 24 percent.

The gaming division with the graphics card business increased revenues year-on-year by 85 percent to 3.1 billion dollars. Compared to the previous quarter, the increase was 11 percent. The cards are not only in demand for video games, but also for mining crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, if the corresponding currency units are calculated.

For the crypto boom, Nvidia also offers special “crypto mining processors” (CMPs) and the sales figures here were lower than forecast. Nvidia boss and founder Jensen Huang had expected CMP sales of $ 400 million for the early summer quarter in May. There are, however only $ 266 million become like CNBC notes.

Nvidia’s data center business grew 35 percent to $ 2.4 billion. As in the gaming sector, this is also a top rate in this core area of ​​Nvidia. In the current quarter Nvidia expects revenues of approximately 6.8 billion dollars. That would be over 40 percent more than in the same quarter last year, when sales were $ 4.73 billion. The share gained almost two percent after the trading session. (with material from dpa) /

Nvidia quarterly figures Q2-2022

Nvidia quarterly figures Q2-2022

Nvidia quarterly figures Q2 / 2022

(Image: Nvidia)


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