Gaming Chair Tweet From Elon Musk That Will Angry Gamers


Elon Musk, who has managed to be on the agenda with his social media posts, has this time infected the players. Musk shared a photo implying that player seats and child seats in cars are the same.

Especially with the widespread use of the internet, it has reached a huge size. video game worldhas become an industry today involving millions of gamers. Moreover, it is no longer just to play games, but to broadcast the games they play and even enter international tournaments also gained great importance. On the other hand, this developing industry has also made equipment designed for gamers popular.

When it comes to player equipment, the first products that come to mind are undoubtedly gaming chairs is happening. Game enthusiasts do not hesitate to spend money on these seats, where they spend their hours. However, this situation is due to the billionaire businessman, one of the most popular names in the internet world. Elon MuskIt seems to bother him. Musk, who made a post about the player seats on his Twitter account, met with both support and reaction from his followers..

Elon Musk’s ‘gaming chair’ tweet

Elon Musk

In the tweet shared by Elon Musk, a little explanation with an image. In this image, there is a baby car seat and a professional gaming chair. Just above this image, there are child seats and player seats. are the same as each other is stated. Here is Elon Musk this image, exploding head He also shared it using his emoji.


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The sharing is of course the kind that will piss off the players. ‘Cause I’m walking in this post players with beginnersare placed in the same basket. We do not know whether you agree with this view or not, but as we mentioned at the beginning of our news, the video game industry is increasing day by day. getting a little bigger and people of all age groups, big or small, have become a part of this industry…

By the way, you can watch the video of us fighting against the professional esports player with a 30 thousand TL player seat right below.