Ganja Train Hit by TikTok Video in Pakistan


A young man shooting a TikTok video in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, was hit by a train while he was walking on the train tracks. The teenager died at the scene.

On social media Sometimes people go further than usual and take unnecessary risks to attract attention. While similar events are happening in Pakistan, train multiplier a teenager lost his life.

Friday ─░slamabad near to Rawalpindi 18-year-old in the incident in the Sheikh Halid neighborhood of the city Hamza Naveedwas walking by the train tracks while a friend was filming a video of himself.

Train crashed while posing


According to the statement made by the local rescue teams, while posing for video a train was hit. In the statement, “The train in motion hit the young man while posing and walking on the tracks.” when they arrive at the scene, that he has already lost his life was expressed.

Rescue team spokesperson Raja Rafakat Zamanalso shared details on the subject. Zaman said that they received information about the incident from friends of the young man, TikTok and expressed that he wanted to shoot to share from other social media channels.


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Pakistan social media usage has reached very high rates. Especially TikTok Applications such as attract great attention. Facebook and Twitter are also popular platforms among the locals.

Not the first case



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Previously due to TikTok in Pakistan who lost his life there were young people. In an incident in the city of Karachi 17 year old One teenager shot himself and died while shooting a video. In 2019, a 17-year-old teenager died in a similar incident.

Social media draws attention as the escape point of many young people. From time to time among the youth Unfortunate events can happen due to popular trends or challenges. Such cases occur especially when trying to make a difference or stand out. It is necessary to be careful while producing content for social media.

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