Gasoline Prices Increase: Will Be Reflected On The Customer


Gasoline prices hike by 11 cents as of midnight. 4 cents of the hike will be covered by the SCT, but the pump price will increase by 7 cents.

Gasoline, which has frequently experienced minor price changes, once again increased. The 11 cents hike, which is valid as of January 6, 2021, will be reflected in the pump prices as 7 cents. 4 cents will be covered by SCT.

Gasoline prices were discounted yesterday at the same rate. With the new hike, the discount will be withdrawn in a sense, and the prices will return to the level before the sale. With the hike announcement, new gasoline prices have also become clear.

Gas is 7 cents more expensive


Energy Petrol Gas Supply Stations Employer’s Union With the statement made by the company, it became clear how the price hike and hike in gasoline will be met. After the hikes, the price of gasoline per liter in Istanbul is from 7.17 lira 7.24 lira debuted. In İzmir, the price of gasoline per liter, which is 7.23 lira, is starting from midnight 7.30 pounds it will be. In Ankara, the average price of a liter of gasoline is 7.22 lira. 7.29 liras will rise.


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Not all but part of the hike pump prices your reflection The reason will be the scale mobile system used in our country. Thanks to this system, hikes and discounts can be different from the rate announced.

What is the Eşel Mobile System?



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Mobile scale, which is actually a French expression mobile ladder It is a state of the phrase in our language. This idiom is in French active scale It means. In systems where this scale is used, the scales are also mobile when determining prices or wages.

Basically, this system aims to protect people’s purchasing power. Your fees increase in inflation It is automatically evaluated in the system. So instead of adjusting every time, rates of increase determined automatically. This system is also used in fuel oil where prices are very volatile.

In addition, the pump price of gasoline, used the type of gasolinevaries slightly according to the preferred station and some other criteria.

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