German spaceport: rockets are to be launched from the North Sea from 2023


German companies from the aerospace and maritime sectors have founded the German Offshore Spaceport Alliance (GOSA). The operating company plans to launch launch vehicles from a platform in the North Sea by 2023 at the latest, which will bring satellites into space.

GOSA imagines that a ship is loaded with a rocket, goes out to sea and lets the rocket launch.

(Bild: BDI)

The project goes back to an initiative of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). In autumn 2019, at his first space congress, he called for a space port in Germany and justified this with the central importance of space travel for the Federal Republic. One study found that a floating platform would be suitable.

Bremen and Bremerhaven are ideal locations: Bremen with its space industry and Bremerhaven as one of the largest ports in Europe, which has made a name for itself in offshore wind energy through location concepts, explains the BDI.

The consortium includes Tractebel DOC Offshore, which operates maritime projects, MediaMobil, which specializes in offshore communication, the space company OHB, BLG Logistics, the shipping company Harren & Partner and the insurance company Lampe & Schwarze.

In August 2020, the BDI presented to the federal government a concept for the implementation of such a launch platform in the North Sea in the form of a private operator model with state support. The industry association assumes that 10,000 satellites will be launched into space worldwide by 2028, 86 percent of which will be small satellites. So-called microlauncher could be used here in the North Sea.


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