German Tesla factory: environmental groups call for face-to-face negotiations instead of video


Several environmental associations insist on a permanent venue for the second public discussion on the Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin. You do not only want to discuss the 814 objections so far indirectly online. The German Press Agency has submitted a corresponding application to the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU).

The application was made by the Naturschutzbund Deutschland, the BUND, the Green League and the Friends of Nature. With a view to the situation in the corona pandemic, the approval authority had decided that the discussion should take place online, and not, as last September, in the town hall of Erkner (Oder-Spree district). At that time the discussion lasted eight days.

The lawyer for the associations, Thorsten Deppner, referred to the statement of an LfU employee as a reason for the application. She explained that it was intended to provide an overview of the objections with statements from the applicant and the authorities. In turn, the objectors should be given the opportunity to comment within a certain period. A direct discussion in the form of a video conference is not planned, according to Deppner, with reference to the employee’s statement.

The associations demand a face-to-face event under certain conditions in Erkner. According to the request of the associations, interested parties should be able to register at least three days in advance using the online form, e-mail or post. The authorities had enough time to adjust to this situation, said the managing director of the Green League, Michael Ganschow, of the dpa. He brought up a combination of a face-to-face event and video link.


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