Germans are surprisingly patient when sending parcels – eCommerce Magazin

Two factors have now contributed to the fact that the large parcel services Same day delivery service discontinued have: on the one hand the increasing workload and occasional overload, on the other hand that lack of interest the end customer.

Same Day Delivery: Consumers are in no hurry

After a year of the corona pandemic Pitney Bowes now in one Boxpoll survey Interviewed consumers in Germany, Australia, China, France, Canada and the UK about their patience in the shipping process. The result shows: In Germany, parcel recipients are apparently not in such a hurry. If there are a maximum of five days between ordering and shipping, then they already rate it as “fast”. Up to nine days are “acceptable” to consumers. According to the respondents in Germany, more than nine days are “slow” and therefore unsatisfactory.

On the one hand, these results could explain the lack of interest in same-day delivery, but on the other hand they could also indicate that consumers show understanding for the high burden placed on parcel delivery staff and are therefore more lenient.

Same day delivery
Image: Pitney Bowes

Australians are used to long delivery times

Only the respondents in Australia are more relaxed: there is also a “fast” delivery time of six days, and a delivery time of up to ten days is “acceptable”. The picture is different in China and Canada: Consumers there expect a “fast” parcel to be delivered in a maximum of two (Canada) or three (China) days, while “acceptable” is up to seven days. A waiting time of over a week is already too slow for consumers there. In China in particular, this is a development that is being driven by the major platforms and Alibaba. In 2020, for example, delivered around 90 percent of orders via its logistics subsidiary JD Logistics within one day.

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