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However, the willingness to spend more money does not go hand in hand with less demanding expectations of the customer experience. 41 percent of customers would switch providers after just one or two bad experiences. And they put this threat into practice: 79 percent of those surveyed noticed one Improving the customer experience during the pandemic, however, almost half (46 percent) switched providers during this time.

The relevance of prices for customer experience is falling

The current study also shows that the importance of prices and discounts for the customer experience is decreasing. 41 percent name this as a decisive factor for them Choice of a provider; in a previous survey in August 2020, this value was 45 percent. Other areas of the customer experience, on the other hand, have increased in their relevance within these six months from an average of 25 to 30 percent. The decisive criteria for German consumers include the availability and quality of products / services (46 percent) as well as convenience and good customer service during lockdown (43 percent each).

“During the pandemic, customers became even more choosy – and digitalization makes it easier for them to switch providers than ever,” explains Andreas Heiz, Director of Customer Intelligence Solutions, EMEA, at SAS. “Companies now have to react quickly and offer their customers personalized service and thus the best possible customer experience. The basis for this creates a Cloud-based analyticsthat enables a better understanding of the individual customer. If companies do not seize the opportunity to address them personally, they will be left out – because customers will migrate to providers who are better positioned in this regard. ”

Willingness to share data with companies is increasing

For a tailor-made customer experience, customers are now much more willing to give out personal data to companies. 29 percent of the Germans surveyed state that they would rather share their data with providers than before the pandemic, with only 18 percent this probability has decreased. For 11 percent of respondents who are open to sharing their data, this is tied to a better customer experience in return.

As the survey also shows, during the pandemic there is increasing awareness that fraud attempts can take place at any time. 40 percent are either more vigilant with regard to fraudulent activities or have had personal experience of such attacks. Almost a fifth (18 percent) feel more threatened by scam messages. Accordingly, companies will need advanced analytics to provide effective fraud protection without compromising the customer experience.

The study also comes to the conclusion that the pandemic will change customer behavior in the long term. 48 percent of those surveyed do not assume that they will return to their old shopping habits before Corona after the pandemic. 18 percent of all German respondents say they would use digital apps more intensively after the pandemic than before.

The survey on “Experience Disrupted: Is Covid-19 continuing to change customer behavior?“Was carried out by 3Gem on behalf of SAS. For this purpose, consumers in the EMEA region were surveyed in February 2021, including 1,000 in Germany. SAS is a provider in the field of analytics and one of the largest software manufacturers with sales of three billion US dollars. Customers around the world use innovative software and services from SAS to turn data into knowledge and make intelligent business decisions. (sg)

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