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Even if there is an increase in easing, the brick-and-mortar trade reopens and the lockdown has been overcome: Germans continue to shop online. Like the new study Online shopping trends 2020 from Adobe shows, 58 percent of them currently shop regularly on the Internet – as many as during the lockdown in the corona crisis.

Online shopping trends: satisfied with the shopping experience

Why change something in your shopping behavior? More than two thirds of German consumers (67 percent) are with the Online shopping experience of the past few months quite satisfied. Only three percent of them complain about a negative shopping experience. Nevertheless, there is potential for improvement: 30 percent complain about slow or faulty product pages, 26 percent about too long checkout processes and 26 percent about complicated online shop layouts during the lockdown.

Overall, the vast majority of German consumers have preferred in recent months Online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay (57 percent each) for internet shopping. The retailers’ own websites (10 percent) and brands (3 percent) are neglected and are used much less frequently. This is the result of the current one Adobe Online Shopping Trends 2020, for which over 1,000 German consumers were surveyed in July 2020.

Online shopping trends

Instead of vacation trips, Germans beautify their homes

As the most popular products, clothing (56 percent), electronics (33 percent) and non-prescription medication (30 percent) clearly dominated German online shopping during the lockdown. Compared to the time before the Covid 19 pandemic, online purchases in the foodstuffs sector (plus 54 percent) and over-the-counter medicines (plus 47 percent) grew particularly strongly during the lockdown.

For the coming months, the Germans are planning to buy home improvement products (21 percent) and garden products (20 percent) to beautify their homes. Obviously a direct one Consequence of the reduced desire to travel: 52 percent of Germans will not travel this summer, but spend their vacation at home. Those who want to travel despite the restrictions prefer to stay in Germany (29 percent) or drive their own car (68 percent). Only 23 percent are planning a flight this year.

Online shopping trends

“Online trading can confirm the trend of the past few months and is becoming the standard of our new normal. Who understands the customer journey of their own customers and smoothly Interaction at every touch point is clearly an advantage, ”explains Christoph Kull, Vice President and Managing Director of Adobe Central Europe Adobe. “For companies, expanding their digital customer relationships and sales channels is therefore a direct investment in their own entrepreneurial resilience and future.”

Online shopping trends: VAT reduction has hardly any sales-promoting effect

Price, time savings and distance from others are the main reasons why people continue to rely on online trading. At the same time it will Consumer behavior generally more strongly reflected: In the Adobe survey, 44 percent state that they have been shopping much more consciously since the lockdown. More than one in two (57 percent) would like to support companies from Germany in particular with their online shopping or make a contribution to environmental protection.

Respondents cite the price (54 percent), time savings (52 percent) and the distance to others (50 percent) as the main reasons for shopping in online retail. The reduced VAT has little influence on the purchase decision: Due to the current price cuts only one in ten Germans buys more food and electronics. In all other product categories, the sales-promoting effect of the VAT reduction remains in the single-digit percentage range.

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