Getir and BiTaksi Application Signed a New Collaboration Agreement


Getir has made an agreement with the taxi calling application BiTaksi. Now, users will be able to easily call a taxi with the GetirBiTaksi option within the Getir application.

Recently, in the country and abroad Getir, the online market application that is frequently on the agenda with its investments, has signed a new partnership. taxi call app BiTaxi agreed with and added a new one to its services.

Getir, the BiTaksi application of which it is a shareholder GetirBiTaxi It started taxi calling service by adding it to its own services under the name of. With the GetirBiTaksi option in the Getir application, users will now be able to easily call a taxi to their desired location.

GetirBiTaksi application launched


Getir was established in 2015 as an online market application that aims to bring the needed products in a short time. It has grown rapidly since the day it was founded, and today it provides service with more than 400 warehouses in approximately 30 cities in Turkey, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. So much so that the success of the company went beyond the borders of the country. up to Italy stretched out.


Getir Started Operations in Milan, Italy

Getir, a percentage by investing in BiTaksi before 35,6He became a partner with shares of . The cooperation of the two brands was taken one step further with the new GetirBiTaksi application. Users can access the BiTaksi application with the GetirBiTaksi option included in Getir.

The GetirBiTaksi application is currently only used by the BiTaksi application. Used in Ankara and Istanbul. It will soon be available in all cities where Bring is available.

Getir’s CEO Naz─▒m Salur Announced the News on Twitter