Getir Sponsored Tottenham


Growing rapidly since the beginning of 2021, Getir sponsored Tottenham Hotspur, one of the English Premiere League teams.

One of Turkey’s largest enterprises Bringis one of the most remarkable and well-established clubs of the Premiere League, which is shown as the most prestigious football league in the world. Tottenham Hotspur‘a official global sponsor announced it was. The sponsorship deal was announced on both Tottenham and Getir UK Twitter accounts.

Naz─▒m Salur, the current CEO of Getir, is one of the founding partners. sponsorship agreement,”As Getir, we sponsored Tottenham in EnglandThe official Twitter account of Getir UK announced the agreement with a video that you can watch right below.

Tottenham announced this sponsorship agreement, “Getir, the pioneer of ultra-fast grocery delivery, joins the club as Official Global Partner” at the beginning of this year, including Tottenham LondonBring, which started to serve in Turkey, started to serve in other big cities of Europe and the USA in a short time.