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The partnership between the contact center service provider gevekom and the software provider MessengerPeople focuses on the area of ​​conversational commerce. With this new form of e-commerce, the Dialog between company and customer in focus, which leads to sales and thus to increased sales. As the number one communication medium, WhatsApp is the most suitable channel for this.

gevekom looks after the customer communication of many online shops from nine locations and intends to do more in the future Messenger services deploy. “Messenger and bots will drastically reduce the volume in the voice channel,” explains Roman Molch, managing partner of gevekom GmbH. “Together with MessengerPeople, we are now preparing to make the Messenger advantages tangible for our customers in the future, not only in customer care, but also with a focus on sales in the future. We learn very quickly here and can implement innovations at short notice. ”

Conversational Commerce: technology and implementation from a single source

The advantage is that the technology, training and implementation are carried out by the service provider and therefore do not tie up their own resources. At the same time, companies benefit from the introduction of WhatsApp in terms of image and customer loyalty. Roman Molch mentions another advantage: “Bots relieve our agents, the tone in written chat communication is much more appreciative than on the telephone, and the parallel processing of chats is more efficient than e-mails or the telephone. The MessengerPeople solution offers our employees a very good user experience and supports them in providing perfect customer service. We expect a lot from the partnership. ”

gevekom has currently implemented the MessengerPeople solution in internal first-level IT support. Technical problems of employees can be resolved more efficiently. “MessengerPeople’s AI has a very positive effect on employee satisfaction, especially when it comes to employees working from home,” Molch is convinced.

Conversational Commerce
The time spent in customer service: telephone versus messenger. (Graphic: MessengerPeople)

Boost through joint marketing of software and services

MessengerPeople’s experience is that many companies are happy to accept start-up help when introducing new technologies. “We hope that working with multipliers like gevekom will make the decision to introduce WhatsApp as a messenger into customer communication easier if the service provider organizes the onboarding,” explains Franz Buchenberger, founder and managing director of MessengerPeople.

“Especially now that WhatsApp is increasingly developing into a channel for the sale of products and services, we expect a boost from the joint marketing of software and services. 80 percent of all internet users between 16 and 64 in Germany use WhatsApp. There is hardly a company for which WhatsApp is not relevant. There is a lot of potential in conversational commerce for retailers, B2B companies, energy suppliers, financial service providers, publishers and other industries, and we would like to support them in this, ”added Buchenberger. gevekom and MessengerPeople assume that customers will be beating open doors. The booming online trade, along with a high need for communication with customers, and the high level of acceptance of messenger services for many things that make up daily life will contribute to this.

The contact center service provider gevekom was founded in 2006. Today, in seventh place, gevekom is one of the top ten call centers in Germany. Source: Multichannel Contact Center 2021, iBusiness / ONE-to-ONE / Callcenter-Verband CCV eV) and has been the most family-friendly company for five years in a row (Freundin, Kununu).

MessengerPeople is one of the pioneers in the field of messenger services and software-as-a-service provider for communication via messenger apps. The innovative Messenger Communication Platform enables companies to communicate professionally with customers via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegraf, Viber and Notify.

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