Ghost of Tsushima movie coming from director of John Wick


The PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima, which has attracted great attention and broke sales records since its release, will be adapted to the big screen. The news, which emerged as a rumor in the past weeks, was confirmed by Sony with a new statement.

PlayStation 4 special game that has set many records since meeting with game lovers last July Ghost of Tsushimahas managed to win everyone’s appreciation with its graphics, the story it offers and its in-game dynamics. The game has now sold more than 6.5 million copies and has already taken its place among the most popular games on PS4.

The game is now on the agenda again with brand new and exciting news. Ghost of Tsushima, which already feels ‘like a movie’ with its universe, story and characters, is getting ready to meet with cinema lovers on the big screen. According to this report confirmed by Sony, the movie of Ghost of Tsushima Sucker Punch Productions ve Sony Pictures ortaklığında will be implemented.

There is a familiar name on the director’s chair:

Ghost of Tsushima

Although we don’t know much about the movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima yet, an important and exciting piece of information has been shared. In the statement made by Nate Fox, the game director of Sucker Punch Productions, it was also revealed who will be the director of the movie; Chad Stahelski, the successful director of the John Wick series.

Nate Fox stated that they wanted to benefit from the experience of the director especially in the action scenes that will take place in the movie. Your most talented name to do justice to Jin’s tense struggles Chad Stahelski also stated that he was.


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Of course, the idea of ​​watching a successful game with a great story on the big screen has always been exciting, and the movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima is also quite exciting news in this sense. But we don’t have any more information yet. CastIt looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for details like the date of the release.

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