Ghost of Tsushima: PS4 samurai follows around a month after Ellie's adventure


Sony plans to release Ghost of Tsushima for Playstation 4 on June 26, 2020. This means that the action game based in feudal Japan will only be released about a month after the company's own The Last of Us 2. The dystopian adventure around the main character Ellie is due to be launched on May 29 – at least that's the current status.

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It is probably no coincidence that the two titles appear so shortly in succession: Sony should pursue the plan to attract as many players as possible into its ecosystem before Playstation 5 makes its debut at the end of 2020 – with downward compatibility with PS4. The two games mentioned should also run on it, probably even with shorter loading times thanks to the fast SSD and possibly smoother thanks to the generally more powerful hardware.

Ghost of Tsushima is created at the Sony development studio Sucker Punch Productionswhose latest program is Infamous: Second Son, released in 2014.

The main character in Ghost of Tsushima is the samurai Jin Sakai, who fought against invaders from Mongolia in 1274 on an island between Japan and Korea – on the island of Tsushima.

The ghost in the title refers to the fact that Jin is increasingly becoming a fighter that is almost invisible to opponents, who appears from nowhere and then strikes. Ghost of Tsushima will offer an RPG system so that the player gradually gets stronger and better equipment.

The trailer shows some of the more important secondary characters. One is Shimura, an uncle of Jin. As a father figure, he taught the player in the arts of samurai. He is worried that Jin 's tactics will leave the traditional path and develop into a "ghost". Another important character is Khotun Khan, the leader of the Mongolian army.

In addition to the standard edition of Ghost of Tsushima, several collector versions are planned. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes, among other things, an otherwise unavailable virtual horse with saddle, plus weapons and armor. The commercially available Special Edition also offers a 1.3 meter war banner (Sashimono) and a traditional wrap (Furoshiki).

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