Ghost Towns and Stories from Around the World


In this article, we will take a look at the most interesting ghost cities with little or no population. I do not mean to give spoilers but also from Turkey in the list there is a ghost town …

Some were abandoned due to nuclear disaster, others due to war, others due to depletion of resources. ghost town there is on earth. This news, in which we will look at ghost cities and their stories from all over the world, once again reveals the tendency of people to attribute things that cannot be understood or explained to supernatural forces.

Take a glass of water with you, if you are ready, we start!

The most interesting ghost cities and their coordinates:

  1. Pripyat / Ukrayna: 51 ° 24’29.1 “N 30 ° 03’07.6” E
  2. Belchite / İspanya: 41 ° 18’17.0 “N 0 ° 45’17.0” W.
  3. Hashima Island / Japan: 32 ° 37’41.3 “N 129 ° 44’18.9” E
  4. Ordos Kangbashi / China: 39 ° 36’53.6 “N 109 ° 46’46.9” E
  5. Port Arthur / Australia: 43 ° 08’41.0 “S 147 ° 49’26.7” E
  6. Al Jazirah Al Hamra / United Arab Emirates: 25 ° 42’34.8 “N 55 ° 47’43.5” E
  7. Romagnano Al Monte / İtalya: 40 ° 37’17.3 “N 15 ° 26’54.6” E
  8. Centralia/ABD: 40°48’15.8″N 76°20’24.6″W
  9. Kantubek / Uzbekistan: 45 ° 09’07.7 “N 59 ° 19’55.5” E
  10. Kitsault / Canada: 55 ° 27’19.4 “N 129 ° 28’20.6” W
  11. Picher / ABD: 36 ° 59’12.9 “N 94 ° 49’51.6” W.
  12. Kayaköy / Turkey: 36 ° 34’28.9 “N 29 ° 05’27.3” E

Pripyat, Chernobyl’s closest witness:

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster, one of the most famous man-made disasters in history, Pripyat the event that turns your city into a ghost city. The city, where 49,000 people once lived, was evacuated within 36 hours after the nuclear disaster. The city, which is now visited only by wild animals or curious tourists, seems to have frozen at some point in history. Letters that could not be sent at the post office, toys and books waiting for students who would never come in classrooms in schools.

Streets devastated by the civil war: Belchite / Spain

Spain during the Spanish Civil War between 1936-1939 Belchite the city came under the crossfire of two groups of different views. Originally under the control of the Nationalists, Belchite came under the rule of the Republicans after a long siege between 24 August and 7 September 1937. The city, which was completely ruined, was left as it was, so that those days will never be forgotten.

Not a city but aaa … Hashima Island / Japan

In japan Hashima Island also known as Battleship IslandAn abandoned ghost island about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki. When there was no more coal to be mined on the island, which was used as a coal mining facility between 1887-1974, the facility was closed. Since there was no such thing as a natural disaster, it was possible for the people working in the mine to collect their belongings and return like that, but for some reason this did not happen.

Because it is only a matter of informing employees that they can return to the mainland and continue their work. Is the “first come, snatch” situation it was said. The workers returned, leaving everything but their clothes behind. The ghost island was abandoned until 2009. Until it started hosting tourists seeking different experiences and James Bond’s Skyfall.

Ordos Kangbashi / China, established with great expectations

In china Ordos Kangbashi The city was founded in 2004 with the claim of being a shining city of today’s world. With world-class architecture, ornate plazas, stadiums, and much more, the city was capable of living for more than 300,000 people. However, whatever the reason is, it may not have attracted much attention of people, only about 70 thousand people. In time, those people also left the city and the city went bankrupt.

Arthur / Australia, which is often the agenda with paranormal events

If you find Alcatraz Prison spooky, Port Arthur You may not have heard of his prison. In fact, this place, which was established as a wood material station in 1830, is so desolate that the authorities said, “From here it becomes a beautiful prison.” Thinking of it, it was turned into the prison where Australia’s biggest and most notorious criminals lie. The prison, which was closed in 1877, comes to the fore with the reports of those who claim to have seen ghosts since then, or those who have heard the church bell that has not been used for years.

A huge city ruined by oil ambition: Al Jazirah Al Hamra / UAE

Turkish in the northeastern tip of the United Arab Emirates Red Island the one Al Jazirah Al Hamra There is a village called. Before the country focused on oil in the 1960s, Red Island was a fertile place with thousands of inhabitants. Around 1968 most of the village residents left the area and over time became known as the Red Island haunted. The village is now believed to be the home of demons who left their handprints on the ground to warn the arrivals.

The village ignored by even the government: Romagnano al Monte / Italy

Once one of Italy’s fertile villages Romagnano al MonteIt was destroyed in 1980 by an earthquake that killed more than 3 thousand people. Those who managed to escape established the new village about 20 kilometers from Romagnano al Monte. Thus Romagnano al Monte became the ghost village.

Although it is found quite dangerous to enter the village after all these years, it is seen that people in traditional clothes wander the streets. Tourists even say that they were guided by an Italian-speaking elderly woman who visited the city. The problem is that there is no officially registered tour tour guide and the government denies such a thing.

The fires never end: Centralia / USA

A hundred years ago that of Pennsylvania Centralia There was a busy mining community in the town. Underground in 1962 a fire that continues today output. Yes, you did not hear wrong, the fire is still going on. No one knows exactly what caused the fire, but it may have been due to the fact that an abandoned mine was turned into a garbage dump.

When the city’s solution to getting rid of garbage is to burn, a large-scale fire may have broke out with coal underground. Although firefighters tried to put out the fire many times since 1962, they were not successful. They found the remedy to evacuate the town and turn the settlement into a ghost town.

Kantubek / Uzbekistan, where the Soviets tested biological weapons:

In Uzbekistan Kantubek It was once a quiet town on the shores of the Aral Lake with a population of 1500. However, today it is an abandoned ghost town where it is impossible to live. Because the Soviet Union is said to have tested biological weapons there around the 1930s. Living there right now can be fatal. There is no clean water source in the region anyway.

The city that shut down with the economic crisis: Kitsault / Canada

In British Columbia, Canada Kitsault named city was built overnight in 1980. The reason was that the US mining company Phelps Dodge wanted to take advantage of this place, which was rich in molybdenum material, which was highly sought after. With the establishment of the city, a great need for workers arose in the region, but within two years, the price of molybdenum crashed, and employees had to lose their jobs and return. So the city turned into a ghost city.

Picher / USA where people lost their lives due to mines:

Located in the state of Oklahoma, USA Picher Once a place rich in lead and zinc mines. Mining started with the discovery of these mines in the region in 1913. When it reached its peak in 1926, the population increased to 14,252. However, in the following years, with the decrease in mining activities, the population also decreased.

In 1960, the population fell to 2 thousand 553. Over time, the pollution caused by abandoned mines reached such a level that the government wanted to evacuate the town and relocate the citizens elsewhere. The town’s pharmacist, Gary Linderman, swore not to leave his home, suggesting that there might be people who might need him. As the last citizen of Picher, he passed away at the age of 60 due to illness in 2015.

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He did not want to return people to the occupation kurtarıls Kayakoy / Turkey:

Located 8 kilometers south of Fethiye district of Muğla KayaköyBefore World War I, it was home to around 6,500 Greeks. Unfortunately, the entire population was slaughtered by other Greek and Christian minorities who had been invaded in the war. Following the Lausanne Treaty signed in 1923, the invaders were evicted from Kayaköy. Instead, the government wanted to settle the Muslim Greeks in Kayaköy, but when they refused to accept it due to fear of ghosts, Kayaköy turned into a ghost town and then a tourist attraction.

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