Gift Package Distributed by Samsung to Athletes at the Olympics


The content of the gift package given to the athletes by Samsung, one of the main sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, which was held with a one-year delay due to the pandemic, has been revealed. This year’s package seems to be relatively uninspired.

One of the organizations postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic was the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, which won the right to host by leaving Istanbul behind in the final stage. 2020 Olympic Games albeit a year late.

After the decision of the Japanese authorities to hold the event without an audience, we have seen that the sponsor companies, which tried to cut their expenses in the post-pandemic period, conducted simpler and less flashy campaigns. long-time Olympics sponsor Samsung this seems to fit my trend.

Samsung bag is not that full


British athlete participating in the Olympics Bradley Forbes-Cryansshared the contents of Samsung bags waiting for athletes from their TikTok account. Although we see a bag containing very expensive gifts in our country’s conditions, it is possible to say that we see an empty bag that can compete with the Tokyo stands compared to the sponsor packages of the past years.


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A total of three items come out of the bag. The first of these is a very elegant Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition, and the second is the latest in one of the phone’s most popular accessories. Galaxy Buds Pro model. The third item is the product… pen. Straight pencil. Of course, the pen can be a special pen for hundreds of euros, but it is not clear from the video.

Samsung adopts a more subtle advertising strategy

samsung olympic


Samsung is preparing an interesting campaign for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Samsung generally prefers to make more implicit advertisements. Instead of broadcasting its own Olympic-themed ads, the company advances the advertising process through athletes. For example, among them, the South Korean women’s volleyball team, who also wore Fenerbahçe and Eczacıbaşı jerseys in our country for a while. Kim Yeon-koung such as 11 athletes, were photographed with Samsung products.

Samsung’un for olympic and paralympic athletes This gift package, prepared by him, will be presented at the event. 17 bin given to each athlete.

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