Gigabit Symposium: Federal Ministry wants to enable glass over overhead lines


Through an amendment to the Telecommunications Act Micro- and Minitrenching, but also the laying of fiber over overhead lines to be possible. That said Steffen Bilger, Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport, on 11 September 2019 on the Gigabit Symposium, "We do everything in the area that is possible, we really want to reduce hurdles"Bilger stressed.

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  1. Stadtwerke München GmbH, Munich
  2. Dataport, different locations

In mobile, there are still too many white spots. "It will require massive investment in the networks to solve this." Complete network coverage can not be economically achieved by any operator alone, so cooperations are needed.

According to Bilger, Small Cells will be able to be built in the future without prior building permit. For new mobile sites, licenses would have to be in four months.

Nadine Schön, deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, said the government needs to know where network operators can not expand and close loopholes. "1 percent of households are 10 percent of the area", she explained to the state expansion. For this one needs also the financial means.

For a fast landline expansion is important to finally know where empty pipes are. "We have no real transparency in Germany, where there are conduits"said Christoph Clément, responsible for Legal, Regulatory, Public Affairs and Corporate Security in the Vodafone Executive Committee. Its expansion obligations in the mobile radio will fulfill Vodafone, stressed Clément.