Git 2.27 recalls: Older transport protocol is standard again

The version control system Git has been released in version 2.27 and brings some major innovations with consequences for backward compatibility as well as a return to the previous transport protocol, which was only replaced by the transport protocol 2 as standard in the previous version 2.26.

According to the release notes, the new standard setting is again the previous transport protocol, which was the standard up to Git 2.25. The Git team presented version 2 of the transport protocol in May 2018 and introduced it in version 2.18. Apparently, the new protocol was not yet running smoothly, which is probably why the Git team decided to downgrade.

As of this version of Git, the command should git describe automatically output the long version of the code, for which developers have so far been explicit --long had to specify. If git describe C determines that a signed or commented tag is committed C references and the tag name T arrives in the object, the command should now T output as an answer. According to the release notes, this is the case even if developers rename the corresponding tag or from the original position in the refs/tags/– move hierarchy: git describe C should then continue T output.

The command git show T^0 on the other hand, it probably no longer works as usual and may lead to nothing or may refer to another day – depending on what is happening at the position refs/tags/T located. The command git pull should now issue a warning message until the configuration variable pull.rebase is defined. If this is annoying or if you don’t want to use Rebase, the variable should be set to false to avoid this warning.

Further changes concern the workflows and the user interface (UI). For example git commit-graph write now various options in store to display divided files, and git rebase calls some hooks that were originally for checkout were determined – this is, however, apparently a design flaw that could establish itself secondarily (according to the release notes, there is documentation on this). Numerous other changes add new functionalities and fix bugs. Command line completion is said to handle subcommands and arguments for the git worktree with the new version, and the version management system apparently offers a revised procedure for conflicting names in renaming.

Around 70 developers contributed a total of 537 commits to the new version of the open source software designed by Linus Torvalds 15 years ago. All Changes can be found in the release notes from the mailing list. Several repositories offer the version control system for download, for example Kernel GoogleSource and the Gitster area at GitHub.


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