Github: Developers publish screenshots of the Corona warning app


On Github there are the first screenshots with the Corona warning app user interface. Four pictures each show what the application looks like on a smartphone with Android and on a device with iOS – the differences are minimal, however, and are limited to slightly different display areas and the like.

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A large traffic light green field registers “low risk” that users have become infected – simply because the application “no risk encounter” has registered. The app also shows how many days it has been active and when it was last updated.

If you like, you can “Risk determination” apparently deactivate at any time via a switch. In addition, general recommendations for behavior can be found in the application, for example with regard to washing hands and the minimum distance from other people.

The Corona warning app is to be published in English and German for smartphones with Android and iOS. Other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Turkish should follow. According to current planning, the app should be available around mid-June 2020 – shortly before the start of the summer vacation in the first federal states.

in the Blog on Linkedin one of the creators writes that the app is developed for everyone. they “relies on full inclusion, regardless of age, physical condition, or level of education”.

The app also uses the “latest features for accessibility” in the operating systems, about “zooming to enlarge text, screen readers like Voiceover for iOS and Talkback for Android or special color contrasts.”

The application is currently being developed in a collaboration between the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems and SAP. The software uses a Bluetooth API that Google and Apple made available to developers on May 20, 2020. The two groups want to allow only one app per country with references to corona infections.

Artwork of the Corona warning app for Android (Image: T-Systems / SAP)

The Corona warning app is intended to help with contact tracking (proximity tracing). If the users detect an infection with the corona virus, they should be able to set the status to “infected” in the app on their smartphone. However, not just like that, but only after entering a code provided by the health authorities.

Then all people with whom the person has been in contact for a long time in the past few days are warned that they may also have the virus. These can be reported to the health authorities and examined, for example.

The whole thing should be decentralized and anonymous, instead of name or mobile number, contact tracking is done using keys, which are regularly updated in the background by the app. has summarized further details in a detailed FAQ.

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