Global disruption of Google cloud services | heise online


On Friday night, Google’s cloud services failed worldwide. The cloud storage service Google Drive and the photo service Google Photos were affected. In addition, there were faults in Google’s G Suite with the services GMail, Google Calendar, Google Groups, Google Chat and Google Meet.

According to Google, the cause of the failure was a glitch in the Google Cloud Shellthat provides the infrastructure for cloud applications. This caused a total failure of the services for about 23 minutes. As Urs Hölzle, Vice President for Technical Infrastructure at Google, announced via Twitter, several “servers that forward data traffic to application backends” have crashed. Users who used these servers had the failure. Hölzle first wrote that the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was not affected, but then corrected his statement. Accordingly, there was no major impact, but a few APIs were affected.

The faults in the Google Cloud Console have now been completely resolved, according to Google. Also the G Suite services should run again. How many users were affected is initially unclear.


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