GM Will No Longer Shut Down Plants Due to Chip Shortage

General Motors, one of the manufacturers affected by the chip shortage that has occupied the automobile world for a while, announced that it will not close its factories for the first time due to the chip shortage at the end of eight months. From the 1st of November, all GM plants will resume making cars.

COVID-19 pandemisiwhich started with the chip shortage; for some time, it had influenced many companies, including large automobile companies. Mercedes-Benz delivers vehicles may be delayed by a year while Renault is at its factory in Bursa. whether to produce for a week and not for a week had announced. General Motors (GM) is one of the companies hit by the chip crisis.

USA’s largest automaker GM, in the position of GM, decreased the supply in the dealer lots and to increase new vehicle prices production at its facilities since late last year due to the shortage of semiconductor chips, which causes sometimes was stopping. However, the company made a statement on Friday; As of 1st of November For the first time in eight months, none of its factories will have to shut down due to the global chip crisis. announced.

The chip crisis is still a more serious threat

General Motors

However, this of course does not mean that production has returned to normal. Some factories will only work one shift per day. This is positive news for GM; but the chip is tight still a bigger threat stating that he created IHS Markitsenior principal analyst responsible for studying the chip market Phil Amsurd, referring to General Motos “This is not a sign that the patient has gone through all the rough spots and several weeks are needed before discharge from the hospital.” he said. According to Amsurd, the fact that GM’s facilities won’t shut down means that the company is getting rid of some optional features and redirecting these chips to other uses. become better at dealing with deficiencies a sign.

Chip supply shortage get a little lighter stating Amsurd; He highlighted bottlenecks in Asian background companies that still break larger silicon wafers into separate chips and test and package them for distribution. Amsrud also noted that while automakers are buying more silicon wafers from major chipmakers, companies from the personal electronics and other industries with overwhelming demand He also noted that it has limited capacity to deal with it. employees of companies in Malaysia and elsewhere in Asia. to the new coronavirus that he had problems keeping factories open due to his capture; However, Amsrud stated that this situation has decreased relatively in some places. “I wouldn’t remove COVID from the list until COVID was completely removed from the scene.” used the phrases.

Manufacturers can access chips after 52 weeks

General Motors

Currently, an automaker can only 52 weeks i.e. 1 year later Stating that they can reach the finished chips, Amsrud drew attention to the ongoing delivery times. “This means that there is still uncertainty in the market. “ said. Chip shortages are expected to continue for most, if not all, next year; but there will be improvements throughout the year, according to Amsrud.


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