GO Case Opening Sites Are Emptying Your Steam Wallet


The number of online games you can access via Steam is quite high. These games also contain valuable equipment and items that you can buy with real money. Just like in real life, there are some sites that work like a black market for this equipment. Those sites demand your Steam account and consume your wallets to the fullest.,…. You may have heard of hundreds of similar sites opened every day. Especially if you are someone who regularly deposits your money in your Steam account and spends in-game and tries to act economically while doing it, you must have heard of it.

When real money is involved, scammers try every way to turn it into an opportunity. These sites, which have safes containing the items in the games, offer players the items they want. “opening a safe” offers the opportunity to reach more affordable prices. Of course for this your Steam account linking to these sites, provided that you give access to your wallet.

As you know, you open a safe and transfer the items in the safe to your Steam account. Sometimes these items are transferred, but the wallet is empty:

opening a safe

You can get a refund after you don’t spend the money you have uploaded to your Steam account. Even if you spend your money on Steam within 14 days You have the right to get a refund. Thus HellCase There is not much hope for the expenditures made on third-party sites.

If you want to reach the in-game materials at a more affordable price, if you enter the said case opening sites, all responsibility belongs to you. Although some sites offer the items they want to most of the users at the price they promise, from time to time, users who hang on the network wallets can be emptied.

The “free case opening” trap:

opening a safe, once had a system that worked as a gambling site. The site is currently down but has many duplicates like Hellcase. With such a scam market, especially like CS:GO It started to be a case opening site for games. Even many sites including KillCase “free safe opening” Promising that Steam requests your wallet information.

forums and especially Reddit There are dozens of clickbait content on Steam case opening sites. The victims of the sites that make their name known in this way are increasing day by day. We need to remind you that you should not trust third-party applications or sites to make your Steam account more secure. games for this official websites We recommend that you use it.