Godzilla vs. Kong Criticism


The long-awaited encounter has finally happened. We’ve all witnessed the battle between Godzilla and King Kong. The film has been widely talked about as the encounter of these two legends, as well as the fact that it puts the hollow world theory at its center. Well, did it give what was expected? How were the reflections of the hollow world theory in the film? Really, what was this hollow world theory? Let’s take a look at them all together.

Godzilla ve King Kong; perhaps the oldest, most loved and well-known characters in the history of cinema. The idea of ​​a common universe where these two legendary characters with different stories come together has made us all very excited since the news started to come. Who brought these two giant titans together Monster Fresh The foundations of the universe were first laid with the 2014 production of Godzilla. With the ensuing Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, this ever-growing universe is finally Godzilla vs. He showed us with Kong that he is a true common universe.

The movie, which raised the expectation with the visuals and trailers that were highly anticipated and published for a long time, met with the audience at the same time on HBO Max and in theaters. So did the movie give what was expected? Did we like it? One of the main subjects of the movie, hollow world theory of course there is. I will look for some answers to each of them in my own eyes. some spoilers I must say that it is. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, some of the details you will see in the rest of the article may bother you. Though, we all learned the ending of the movie without noticing it anyway, get health. Let’s start now without further ado.

Our must-have is a bad giant company, a Godzilla that raises for no reason, a King Kong who ‘became a monkey (!) In the hands of good-hearted people:


Our movie gives us the signals of the chaos to be experienced from the first scene. From the very beginning that they did not do very good deeds, Apex Cybernetics’ten We have bad odors, but we cannot understand what is happening for a while. By the way Godzilla out of nowhere furiously attacking people and a facility of Apex Cybernetics. Of course, after these ‘meaningless attacks’, there is a great chaos and everyone is starting to think about how to get rid of Godzilla.

By the way King Kong He lives in an illusion on the fake Skull Island, where he has been shut down by kind scientists. Our scientists, who have chosen to cage her to protect her, and Kong’s beloved empathy little girl, are starting to discuss how else they can protect Kong, who is increasingly disturbed by this situation.

Godzilla Walter Simmons

On the one hand as part of their plan to defeat Godzilla from another world in the center of our planetIt is talked about providing the energy to oppose Godzilla with a visit to this world. As you can imagine, this ingenious idea comes from Apex Cybernetics’ evil boss. Moreover, this gentleman immediately impresses a painful scientist who has devoted his life to science, but is stranded on the shore, and the reason is obvious; save humanity!

While all this is happening at an extreme speed, Apex Cybernetics employee is trying to reveal the truth with his podcasts.conspiracy theorist‘listening to his broadcasts,’Godzilla ain’t the beast to do these things‘and has a history with our monster from the previous Godzilla movie. Madison and his ‘funny friend’ comes out. This trio comes together and begins to investigate why Godzilla went mad and started attacking left and right, and we continue to watch excitedly at what point these stories will intersect.

Traveling King Kong by ship while trying to protect his arch-nemesis from Godzilla: Great idea!

King Kong

One of the first details that bothered me about the movie is that King Kong takes a long time on his journey towards the entrance of the hollow world. traveling by ship happened. Striving for years to protect a giant titan from underwater rival, trapping him on a false island for this sake, and ultimately, what they believe belongs to protect him again. This genius team that leads to the hollow world, officially chained poor Kong on a giant ship and set off.

Then, when things flared up and Godzilla crossed them and gave Kong a good likeness of their mouths, the solution was to stop the engines of all ships in the fleet They fooled Godzilla. Wow! Really?

Godzilla vs Kong

Let’s say it’s okay, when Kong is lying unconscious, Godzilla believes he’s finished and the engines stop. ‘Hehe I beat them all‘and continue on your way. Then, realizing that they could take Kong by ‘flying’, they gave up the ridiculous cruise from the beginning and suddenly started Kong. shaking under the helicopters What about their wonderful journey to their destination?

So this sounds like this to me; We could not predict exactly how these two tita would meet for the first time, we said we should start it at sea. Then ‘Oh, we can actually fly this‘and rescued Kong so that it doesn’t end before it starts. What shall we say, so be it.

Isn’t it a pity for these titans?

Godzilla vs kong

Another point I feel uncomfortable about the film is the illogicality of the situations in which these two titans, powerful enough to bring chaos to huge cities, fell into it. Let’s take King Kong first. We are dealing with a giant, one of the two most powerful living creatures, we know. But now this is poor somehow has become condemned to our protection, we put the handcuffs, we closed it in a playground.

Okay, yes, I know this is a bit of the story of King Kong, but in this movie, Kong is like ”Let’s miss this from we Godzilla, oh no way‘I would rather see it as a more rebellious and powerful image. It would be good to see a bit of that aspect of this legendary tita in the movie, where such an anticipated encounter will take place.

godzilla vs kong

And the dear scientist lady, who has taken Kong under her protection, is always’Nobody can subdue Kong‘It was ridiculous to me that while he was making speeches with taste, it was also ridiculous that he missed the miserable one by one.

On the Godzilla side, there is a much more sad situation. The story of the movie is given in a way that we can think of as a side character if his name is not mentioned. Zero depth. On a trip to the center of the world with Kong We just saw poor Godzilla’s fins in 80 percent of the movie. The remaining 20 percent were already fighting Kong. So what was the fault of this poor guy and you didn’t add a scene or two that would deepen his story too? Okay, maybe we’ve never been able to empathize with Kong with Godzilla, he’s always been a pretty cool character, but, how little it appears in a movie with the name on its poster I think it was a sad detail.

What have these people done now?

Godzilla vs. Kong Madison

What I have been talking about so far are the details that bothered me in the movie. For each a personal opinion It is possible to say. But the part I’m going to touch on here, I think it felt the same for many people who watched the movie. Basically in the movie We are watching the story of 3 different groups of people. Those who set out with Kong, the Conspirator – Madison and the hilarious trio of kids, plus our demonic rich and another mystical rich friend of her.

Almost all the scenes in which these three groups appeared in the movie were full of cliché dialogues and irrationalities for me. Madison and her team suddenly found themselves traveling from the USA to Japan without even realizing what was happening, and while doing so, the world’s largest company. they used the secret underground travel system in which they carried their hidden creatures and miraculously nobody heard of the soul until the last moment.

godzilla vs kong

Extremely intelligent scientists set out with Kong are already on board From the moment they didn’t open Kong’s chains when Godzilla attacked it was over for me. The other rich and evil duo is already cliché a few slogan-like sentences Besides, although they were the sources of the event that affected the film the most, they were never told.

Of course, it should not be overlooked that the movie we are watching is a film about the war of two titas.It may not be considered necessary to elaborate the story of people, but I think it is a film to see deeper human stories in a story where the subject is also based on ‘saving humanity’. It would be a detail that would take it much further. At least the story of the movie’s villain at least if it was a little deeper, but it didn’t happen …

MechaGodzilla is a little over and over?


Undoubtedly, one of the key characters that is the breaking point of the movie It was MechaGodzilla. After all, he was the one who ended the movie peacefully for Godzilla and Kong, and indeed it was the one that caused all this chaos.

A character that has such an important place in the foundation of the movie is officially a short circuit and the destruction after a few blows was a bit of a drag, if I think. We went to the center of the world so hollow, just to bring MechaGodzilla to life, what games turned out, then woah, we also looked at After 5 minutes of visual feast, our character died.

Also, I do not want to criticize too much for not being sure whether I did not understand it or it was not really explained, but what was the thing that was transferred from the hollow world so quickly that we brought MechaGodzilla to life with it, I think in this notka. both the hollow world of the film and what gives life to MechaGodziila should have told more.

There is a hollow world and of course, what is this hollow world?

Hollow world theory

The hollow world theory is a theory that has a very old story. Accordingly, in certain regions of our planet, such as the poles, Going underground with passages and here is another world located at the center of the Earth. This world has been named ‘Agartha’ and according to the stories Agartha’s heat and light source is the core in the center of our planet.

Of course, there are different narratives in the myths of different cultures at this point. In this underworld, there are two different civilizations, good and bad, people who escaped from aliens have discovered the underworld and took refuge here, and some extinct creatures from dinosaurs to mammoths live in this underworld. the myth we call hollow world theory make up.

hollow world

This theory is tried to be supported by some ‘scientific’ data, and even today, there are still those who defend the accuracy of this theory. But of course quite clearly; There is actually not a single piece of scientific data to support the hollow world theory.

At the basis of the claims that the theory is scientific, there is a work written by Edmond Halley, the name of the Halley comet, in 1697. This study, which is entirely based on claims and possibilities, did not attract attention in its period, and Halley did not do a different study on this subject afterwards. Moreover, many scientific studies conducted over the past hundreds of years reveal the structure of the Earth very clearly.

The hollow world in the film is based on these stories:

Godzilla Hollow Earth

The reason Kong took his journey is to arrive in this hollow underworld in our movie. Because this underground world is supposedly the homeland of Kong’s ancestral grandfathers. Just like myths, It is reached by passes located at the poles to the hollow world again. And when we arrived there really were all kinds of creatures like dinosaurs and some fantasy-type creatures we see a lot.

After the movie was published on this subject, Elon Musk’sIf they are underground, how bright is it?‘I think it’s okay for the hollow world to be enlightened by asking a clever question. Because as you know, the core of our planet is the source of heat and light for this world. So, everything is ok but is it bright problem? One cannot help but ask.

As a result…

Throughout the article, I focused more on the points that bothered me in the movie, but I would like to add when I finish I can’t say ‘it was bad’ for the movie. Although it changes depending on the expectations, this movie was the battle of the two legendary characters with very successful visual effects and from this point of view, of course, it is enjoyable to watch.

Just that bringing two characters together in the same universe I wanted my final sentences to be a little positive, as it is even exciting. Do not forget to share your views about the movie with us in the comments, see you!