Google Bought Data Analysis Company Looker


US-based technology giant Google has signed a new purchase for cloud service. In this context, data analysis company Looker joined Google.

Google, months ago the Looker He finally completed the ongoing process for his purchase. US-based computer software company Looker, with a sales price of $ 2.6 billion Google It will serve under its roof.

As you know, Google announced in June 2019 that it plans to incorporate the data analytics start-up into Looker. Purchase process, UK competition watcher It took place after the research conducted by. Before this transaction, Looker's value increased by more than $ 280 million.

Looker will be added to Google Cloud. So much so that speaking at a conference this month Of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, Amazon and Microsoft He said that they focus on catching giant competitors in the cloud market.

The importance of Looker for Google

It is very important that Looker is purchased by Google. Because the US-based company Google Cloud Storage used to manage large data sets that work with the BigQuery will help improve.

Purchase process, England Completed after review by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Both CMA and the USA anti-trust authorities concluded that buying would not increase prices or harm competitors' access to data.


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Looker, founded in California in 2012, Yahoo, GitHub, Deliveroo and HubSpot is a data discovery and business intelligence platform to help companies analyze and share real-time business analytics with more than 300 customers, including.

The company also RedpointHas received funding from investors such as Meritech Capital Partners, First Round Capital, Kleiner Perkins, CapitalG and PremjiInvest.

Looker will be merged with Google Cloud

Thomas Kurian In a blog post he said: "We are excited to offer customers a comprehensive analysis solution that integrates and visualizes information in every layer of their business."

Already hundreds of partner customers Google Cloud and LookerStating that he trusts, Kurian stated the following in his article: "We believe that by coming together, we will have a unique position to address the demands of more businesses' data analysis and business intelligence across all industries."


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Kurian also analyzes Looker's analysis of Google Cloud and data warehouse He emphasized that they believe they will strengthen their abilities. Looker CEO Frank Bien is "Joining Google Cloud gives us better access, empowers our resources, and brings together the best ideas in both analytics and cloud infrastructure to create an exciting way for our customers and partners." he spoke.