Google Brings Offers Tab to Play Store


Adds a new feature to Google Play Store. With the ‘Offers’ icon that will come to the Play Store with its newly added feature, users will be able to easily access many opportunities in games and other applications.

More than 2.2 million apps The Play Store, where it is located, is growing this pool more and more every day. However, the total downloads of applications also 50 million exceeded case. Google is preparing to bring a new feature to the Play Store.

Google, Play Storeā€™a ‘Offers’ announced that he will bring the tab. With this feature, it can be used in games and applications in travel, shopping, media, entertainment, fitness and many more. opportunities we will be able to discover.

‘Offers’ tab will include discounts on games and in-game items

google play

Partnering with the developers of some of the best apps and games on Google Play, Google new opportunities every day announced that they will add Tab to contain special offers of applications, also in games, discounts and limited time deals on in-game items will contain.

With the new tab, users can discounts on movies and books can also benefit. In addition, 30-day free trial period and extended trial periods will be available for some applications.


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The Offers tab will replace the “Games” and “Applications” tabs on the home page. Google announced that in the coming weeks, the tab will be available in the US, India and Indonesia, To other countries in 2022 announced his arrival.