Google Cloud, Email, Radeon Software: Anything Else?

Innovations at GCP: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) now offers specially secured VMsthat should enable confidential work. With Bigquery Omni data can also be analyzed in other cloud platforms.

Job market

  1. Coriolis Pharma Research GmbH, Munich
  2. via duerenhoff GmbH, Weimar (Lahn)

Customizable emails in Outlook: Microsoft complements Microsoft 365 email services for subaddressing. This means that additional tags can be added to the email address using the plus sign. The standard exists since January 2008, but has not been widely used in Microsoft services – until now.

PC version of Halo 3: Microsoft is gradually releasing the individual parts of the Halo action game series for Windows PCs. Part 3 is now available in Early Access – on steam, in the MS-Store and in the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Technical improvements include support for 4K resolutions and high frame rates.

Graphics driver: AMD has the Radeon software 20.7.2 released. The driver is intended for Death Stranding, F1 2020 and Hyper Scape.

regulation: The EU has new guidelines for app store operators like Apple and Google adopted. Placements need to be more transparent, and if an app is to be removed, Google and Apple have to give providers 30 days to respond to fix problems.

New maps for Hearthstone: Blizzard has announced the next expansion for the Hearthstone trading card game. The addon carries the name Akademie Scholomance and brings more magical extras into play – probably in August 2020.

5G ban for Huawei: US President Donald Trump wants personally enforced the 5G ban for the Chinese manufacturer Huawei in the UK. British Health Minister Matt Hancock only said: “We all know Donald Trump.”

D-Link’s Wi-Fi 6 router The network manufacturer D-Link brings the already known routers DIR-X1860 and DIR-X1560 on the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The devices are designed for Wi-Fi 6 and cost 120 or 116 euros.

Military satellites: When starting one converted ICBM Minotaur IV should be today four secret military satellites be brought into orbit. Of the Start was broadcast live and the success of the mission meanwhile also confirmed.

Semiconductor equipment supplier: The Dutch stepper manufacturer ASML has the German optics manufacturer Berliner Glas accepted.

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