Google Faces Antitrust Investigations


A new lawsuit has been filed with Google, which is the focus of constant rumors about advertising policies and the privacy issue. 50 people will be involved in the case, including a statement by Google about the case has not yet made the attorney general, was quite clear about the issue.

According to the Washington Post, a team of 50 state lawyers has filed a new lawsuit against Google for its work against the so-called "antitrust" law, which prevents monopolization.

Texas Chief Prosecutor Ken Paxton, a key figure in the case, announced that the investigation would focus on the company's advertising policy in the first phase, and then expanded to include aspects of the company's economic resources. Attorney General,,The facts will show us the right direction to go.Son.

What about Google's response?


If it is concluded that Google is acting against US antitrust laws, the company may have to undergo some of its business, including YouTube. Alternatively, the key algorithms in advertising policies may have to change the way they work.


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Although no explanation by Google about the case is expected to hold a press conference on the subject soon. It seems difficult to make a prediction as to where the process will lead.