Google Highlights Negative Trump News


An engineer who left Google in 2019 announced that Google changed its algorithms to make negative news about Trump appear higher in search results. The engineer said the company digitally matches old news with new news to ensure this.

The impact of the internet and social media on society is indisputable. An example of this has just emerged in the past. A former engineer of Google used to target the company’s ex-president of the United States, Donald Trump. admitted to making changes to its algorithms.

Zach Vorhies, who served as a senior engineer at Google in the past, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that algorithms for this purpose, negative news about Donald Trump in the mainstream media are on Google. He said it was programmed to take it out on top.

‘Certain keywords can trigger things’

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Vorhies, who wrote a book about his work experience at Google, stated that he wanted to turn conspiracy theories out of theory and present them as fact.People suspect that certain keywords trigger certain things within the algorithm. This is really happening.” said.

Vorhies said that new news about Trump is digitally matched with old news, ensuring that it stays high in the search results.They do this. They show a graph, a tree or something, and that’s it. They say it’s super-news spanning eight days.‘ he explained.

‘A new news could be matched with a five-day news’

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In the case of Trump/Comey (former FBI Director James Comey), they were able to keep the news at the top of the results because the algorithm could match a new story with a story that came out in the last five days. In the search results of the mainstream media He was allowed to structure his news to come out on top.


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Zach Vorhies left Google in 2019 Delivered 950 pages of internal documents to the US Department of Justice. It is not known whether the Ministry has taken any steps based on these documents.

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